A Silk Scarf

by The Wall


Adding a scarf to your outfit is always a useful trick to keep up your sleeve in terms of spicing up a look, and especially during the summer when you don’t have that many options in terms of layering. A cashmere stole can easily be a bit too warm during the hottest of days, but a silk scarf is mostly light as a feather and would only bring a more chic attitude to your outfit. Here are our top picks we wouldn’t mind carry around our necks (or tie to our bags) for this summer.

‘San Remo’ printed silk scarf from Totême, vintage black and white scarf from Pucci, pleated vintage scarf from Hermès, pleated black and white scarf from Valentino, printed scarf from Pucci, and flower scarf from Hermès. 

  • Dominique
  • Heather McGuire

    The design of that stripped scarf is playing games with my mind. I also really like the one in black with all those colorful designs made on it. It would look very nice on a monochrome outfit.