The Shopping

Save or spend?

by Elin Kling

Céline bag in croco, $32,000 (!) and bag from Little Liffner $584.

As you probably know the croco trend is huge when it comes to accessories this fall. And how chic and cool it may look it is also a controversial leather to use and extremely expensive. The IT-bag (if that expression is still alive…) this season comes from Céline (as always….) and we must say it is beyond chic. But it comes with a price tag of $32,000 (as we said, extreeeemely expensive). If you are like us, not THAT kind of a big spender, we have found another chic tote in embossed croco leather, instead of the real one, from Little Liffner. And the price tag is also completely different, $584. Even though it is still an expensive bag the price feels like a bargain compared with the one from Céline. So, do you prefer the one from Céline or Little Liffner?

Bag in burgundy red crocodile leather from Célineand brown bag in embossed croco leather from Little Liffner.