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The Chicest Swimsuit

by The Wall

Black Swimsuit

For those of you who are escaping to somewhere warmer for Spring break, this post might suit you well. It is a bit early for sure, but the best pieces will go out of stock in no time – and especially the classic pieces in black. When it comes to swimwear we have done many mistakes over the past years. To name a few; bought way too small size, bought too big size (!), got the wrong shape for our bodies, un-flattered colors, and well, the list can go on. For this season we are aiming to invest in swimwear that will last. Therefore we have picked the coolest and most flattering swimsuits in stores now. So make sure you get your hands on the one piece you can see yourself in this summer, because the swim suit is back for sure.

Swimsuit from Orlebar Brown, black halter neck swimsuit from Marysia, black deep frill swim suit from Topshop, stretch swim suit from Tomas Maier, “Essential” swim suit from Eres, neoprene swimsuit with zipper from Lisa Marie Fernandez, balconette swim suit from Dolce & Gabbana, molded cutout swim suit from Proenza Schouler, racerback swimsuit from Blue Man, and black shape swim suit from H&M. 

  • Miss J.

    Very chic indeed!




  • Dominique
  • The Style Exposé by Katarina

    Oh, thank you for this article! I spent my teenage years persuading people how chic my one-piece black swimsuit looks like! The fact is that my skin is extremely pale with tendency to get sunburned easily. The strategy? The more covered, the more protected! 🙂

    Let’s be honest, no matter the body shape, I find one-piece swimsuits more flattering as it fixes the whole body torso. In my closet, there is a one-piece black swimsuit, a little 50’s inspired with a balconette top and wrapped waist. Since I am not a size 0, I don’t like wearing bikinis. BUT, in this swimsuit, I feel so sexy 🙂

    Let’s rock the beaches!

    Katarina Bradacova

  • Peder Martinsen

    chic swimsuit on a sick photo model…

  • Artadorned

    Now i just want to go to the beach beautiful peace in my favorite color!

    I blog about jewelry and how to style jewelry with outfits, tell me what you think.

  • sophiewupperman

    Is the swimsuit in the picture from hermes?

  • Denise Haber

    The one with the ruffled neck line was really pretty. It really was my friend had a similar one.

  • Style Stockholm

    Love this! Makes me want to pack up and go on vacation xxx

  • Alice Styles

    Absolutely beautiful. Love it!

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  • Raimonda Aurėja

    Where did you get this swimsuit? I want him. Now I have swimsuit form нижнее белье оптом you can check. But this black swimsiut it’s my dream.