The Beauty

A Smudgy Eye

by The Wall


A new partner in my beauty bag is the ARMANI SMOOTH SILK EYE PENCIL (color 8) I’ve been searching for a good eye pencil for a while, and this one is a new favorite for every day use, especially since I can apply it with the smudger directly instead of using the pen. A new way to apply and create a smokey eye that are not that intense. I use #8 which has more of a dark grey color for a softer look.

  • Irene Laura
  • reversecommuter

    Perfect timing – I am in need of a major cosmetic shopping trip!

  • Chrissy Gaston

    These products are expensive, but let’s face it, it is Armani. And if anything you know bout brand like these is that they always sell the best. And if I can get a smoky eye without having to apply three different colors of black and grey from an eye shadow pallet, I am in. Yes!