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Three Ways to a Natural Hair

by The Wall


Lindsey Wixson by Karen Collins for Numero Tokyo June 2015.

To get the natural look mind sound like a easy task and it actually is if you know the tricks. We’ve been discussing this topic at the office and have agreed on following:

–  Don’t blow-dry your hair, let it dry on its own. It will take some extra time to get it dry but it will be worth it. Promise you.

– Don’t dye your hair and especially don’t dye it yourself. Even if you give the hair dresser the task to create a natural hair IT will look dyed. Sorry but it’s true. There’s no shortcut to a natural hair.

– If you’re aiming for the cool and effortless french hair style, don’t brush it. Due to all time French Caroline de Maigret the secret behind the natural french hair is not to brush it and just leave it as it is. With no exception.

  • Ana

    hmmmm not brushing it AT ALL seems a litle drastic, no? I don’t believe caroline de maigret does that. Otherwise I follow the 2 other steps: no blow drying and no dyeing.

    • elinklingdotcom

      Actually she said that in an interview. Hard to believe, we know!

  • Julia

    Well I’d say it depends on what kind of hair type you have as well. It’s kind of dramatic for one person to say “no exceptions” for brushing your hair. Especially when people have different types of hair and some HAVE to brush it out or it will create tangles to the point that it looks like dreadlocks that you have to cut of to ever get out. How fancy and french is that?

    • Mar Mar

      I agreed! It wont works either for asian who have naturally straight hair. Our hair looks FLAT and boring without styling. Vice versa with westener who have wavy hair in general, easier to style and bed head is sexy. Bed head asian is oily, flat and not attractive lol. When I was in Paris, yep I noticed 2 of my Frenchy girl friends, look like they never brush their hair. I think a little brushing and styling doesn’t hurt. One of them looks like she just got off from 18 hours flight, static, messy and flat. Yikes.

  • SAUL

    For the first time in my life I’ve started letting my hair dry naturally. It took some getting used to but my hair looks so much healthier and even looks nicer than when I used tools to give it texture!

  • Irene Laura

    She looks stunning! I let my hair dry naturally..they look more beautiful!

  • Ujjaini

    I let my hair dry naturally most of the time, unless i am going out. No combing no dryer, and I know that nothing beats the texture!

  • Isabel

    Let me tell you for once I do JUST THAT! And it works fine…

  • Paloma

    These tricks are working, I am doing this since ever but I would add :
    – I have long hair and only brush them before washing them (to avoid big nodes) and just after when they are still wet, never brush when they are dry; that’s it, then I let them dry naturally.
    – For extra sexy effortless volume at the roots, I sometimes go to bed at night with wet hair to have the best result ever in the morning! Plus they get more shiny.
    Paloma from Paris

  • Katarina

    What an interesting discussion is borning here, I would love to be a part.
    Being a 21-year-old girl, I have recently reliazed that the older I get the less products I put on both face and hair as well as the less I care.
    Not that I would not mind leaving the house without even looking to mirror, I have just developed a certain kind of effortless, Caroline de Maigret-like, style.

    Although, I sometimes have this image of natural-esque hair in my mind and the result just doesn’t fulfill my expectations. That’s the time when I still need an urge to grab a hair iron or at least to wear a ponytail.

    As for the second point above – do some of you, girls, have experience with re-growing your natural hair? I have been visiting haridresser for three years and dyed my hair repeatedly (the same chocolate shade as my natural one, it just adds a little sparkle). Anyhow, I don’t want to have a rainbow-like hair when growing it up. Any recommendations?


  • Beth Pliner

    Effortless and easy to do .Two of my favorite words when it comes to hairstyle. This is work trying, I must admit. Yes, it is!