The Letter


by Elin Kling


To ALL of YOU,

After almost a decade of running my site, it is time for a new chapter. I am closing one door in order to make room for new adventures.

It’s absolutely amazing that so many of you have been following me since day one. As one of the pioneers of the blog-generation (I like to think so anyway), my platform has been an important outlet to share and curate my point of view throughout my career so far. I want to shout out a special thanks to my amazing team and to all of you that have supported me throughout the years!

And trust me, I will continue to share my vision. It’s a new era with rising opportunities that I want to explore in full. I hope you still want to follow my journey, inspiration and who know’s what more!

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Lots of Love, Elin


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  • Kristina

    Neeeej! Men så klart önskar jag all lycka till till dig och din lilla familj i framtiden. Men gud vad jag kommer att sakna dig och The Wall – den bästa av alla! Nu känner jag mig ledsen på riktigt! Var rädd om dig. Stor Kram

  • RK

    Oh no! New adventures are always great but The Wall is just too good to end – it´s perfect! So sad to hear this but I wish you all well with your future.

  • Ana

    Good luck with the next step. I will miss The Wall and your curated choices (and jeans!!!) but i’m curious about what’s coming next. And I agree that some times you have to make a few changes to progress.

  • 1310bynora

    Wauw good luck with the new chapter and of course i subscribe :)!

    X Nora /

  • kt

    Best wishes. I guess with a new little one on the way….it’s time for new ventures and I look forward to seeing your continued styles.

  • Jasmine Tan

    I’ve always been in love with what you’ve curated and it’s part of my lifestyle now. Looking forward to your future project!

  • disqus_Z9u5SLYcPy

    Åh nej vad tråkigt älskar din sida för inspiration! Men hejja dig och nästa projekt!!

  • Emilia Musena

    NOOO!!!what would i wear without you recommendations.but i love you so much,wish you only the best and good luck dear Elin!i miss you already,aaaaahhhhh

  • ematrossova

    Best wishes. Spännande. Vill TACKA dig Elin för Totême – gorgeous. /Ella

  • zesiku

    Please continue, we need your vision 🙂


    fashion / lifestyle / moscow-budapest

  • Kerze

    I will miss The Wall! Wish you all the best!!

    xx Kerstin

  • judi

    i will really miss the wall . looking forward to your new adventures

  • ira tanganelli

    Waiting for the new era!!

  • Claudia Capp

    Very sad to hear! I will miss checking into the wall to see what I should be wearing! After following you for over five years, I can honestly say I won’t know what to do without you. Goodluck with everything.

  • Nicole Persak

    Have been following The Wall for a long time and will miss it very much! Good luck with everything in your new chapter. Your vision is inspiring and I really look forward to seeing where you take it next!

  • Anova

    I’m sure you choose your best way when doing what you love! Definitely looking forward to this new chapter, xo Anova

  • Sevi

    Wow, that just leaves a big gaping hole in my morning routine right there :-(.

    After looking at over 50+ blogs everyday for the past 3 years I had managed recently to reduce that long list to just the 5 and yours was at nr 1….needless to say I will miss The Wall immensely! I wish you the best and, very selfishly, also hoping you will return to us loyal readers with something even better :-).

    x Sevi

  • FashionMugging

    Be back quickly in the game, you’re my biggest inspiration.
    X, Jess.

  • Abby

    Will really miss it!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  • Eniwhere Fashion

    Congratulations for your work and good luck for your future! Have a nice day,

    Eniwhere Fashion

  • Stefania

    Thank you so much for all you have shared over the years. You have been a big inspiration in my life and opened my Canadian eyes to the amazing style and aesthetic of Scandinavia. Looking forward to what you have in store for the future.

  • tizzylish

    The best to you and your new adventures…and new baby. Keep breathing and keep sharing!!!!!

  • Kelly M

    Where are you going? You have been amazing!

    I’m blogging about similar things! Check out and let me know what you think:

  • Mikaela

    Otroligt tråkigt att höra! Men ser fram emot de nya! Du är världens mest inspirerande människa, remember that. xx

  • Eileen

    i will miss the wall giving me lots of outfit/living inspirations 🙁 good luck in your new chapter tho!!

  • Chrissy Gaston

    I’m surely gonna miss The Wall. You have always been so charming and really learnt useful lessons. Thanks!

  • ModaVracha

    Wishing you all the best in your new adventures!

  • Justin Welton

    Wishing you the best on your future endeavors!

  • Shoppingminutes


  • Tomek
  • Liliann Dehn

    Best wishes! And thank you for everything.
    I love your style.
    Love, Liliann.

  • At№67 Concept Store

    Good luck with your new chapter. Still loving your style! All the best x
    Martha |

  • flirtingwithfashion

    You’ll go your way as you always did! good luck, beauty 🙂

    you’re always been such an inspiration! 😀

    xx Rebekah Wing
    Flirting with Fashion Blog


    You will be amazing in whichever way your future takes you…I cannot wait xx

  • David Dial

    Waiting on those new adventures! 🙂

  • giselle de jesus

    very nice post, have a good day.

  • Flanelle

    We might see you again someday. If you wish to collaborate with Flanelle Magazine, we would love to have you.

  • Sartreuse

    I am still so sad you’ve discontinued your blog, but am really excited to see more of your work in the fashion world!

  • Barbara Baccaert

    Elin, you were always one of my favorite fashion influencers
    of this generation!
    I hope we will see more of you (soon)!

    Love, / style blog

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Hoping to see you soon!

  • Adam

    I know I shouldn’t be because you’re on to bigger and better things but this makes me really sad

  • Malin Stensson

    Du är så vacker <3 <3
    Tusen kramar och ha en fin lördag.

  • Yukova
  • Raya Maria

    You’re very talented, excited to see what is in store for you


  • meredynwhite

    Ooooh, don’t go… <3

  • Cool Office Blog

    We’ll miss you!!!
    Come and visit us at! You’re more than welcome!

  • Gailthequinox

    All for the best to the new adventure gorgeous. Always love your blog <3

  • Mike

    Best of luck to your new adventure.

  • Tiffany Zimmy

    this is beautiful.

  • Ellie

    I know, it’s hard work…
    But I love your blog very much!;-)

  • Noa
  • Magda Oltean

    Good luck with your new projects!

  • Nasha

    Love u so much.

  • Vanessa Hofmann

    We will miss you…Good luck!